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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hey Bloggers out there, I need help, There is this guy at school that i realy like(his name is NATE), Only hes going out with one of my friends. It druves me crazy beacuase there always kissing!!! (trust me all you giels out there reading this, it would drive you crazy two!!) Heres a little bit of what he looks like...
Stronge chin bone
short hair on the bottom and about 1 and 1/2 on the top that is a little curly
He has "BIG FEET"
and his smile makes me literally melt
And not only is he HOT but hes Smart, Funny, Popular, Nice, Charming and whats very rare, He has a pretty good sence of fashion to (not in a gay way but a cute way you kmow)
Well any ways he kisses her and it makes me mad (not beacuse there kissing but realy its the fact that there only my age!! 11 or 12) they kiss where every one can see them, just to make us wish we where them And there names don't even go together if they got married...
VAL TRHEELP+ NATE LOPEZ=VAL LOPEZ!!! i mean come on!!!how dos this sound...
NICOLE LOPEZ? i love it !!! well better go bye


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